Strengthening Body and Mind for Nearly a Decade
Parade Ground Village at 5 Hemphill Place, Malta, NY 12020


Nestled in the heart of downtown Malta, NY, Malta Pilates Center is  full-service private, semi-private and group instruction facility specializing in personalized  Pilates regimens.  Using methods evolved from the work of Joseph Pilates, the studio had developed its own philosophy which combines mind-body connection with old-fashioned get-in-shape, stay-in-shape sensibility.

Our one-on-one and semi-private instruction uses only state of the art Pilates equipment including Peak Pilates and Gratz Reformers, chairs, ladder barrels and Cadillac. Our Group Mat classes uses light hand weights, foam rollers, Magic Circles, and more to enhance the work.

Every year more and more people enroll in Pilates, a technique that sculpts a body back to health with minimal wear and tear on ankles, hips, knees or elbows.  One of the primary benefits of Pilates, however, is how it affects everything else one does.  You learn not only the specific exercises, but a philosophy for the correct use of muscles, joints, and breath during every day movement.  As students develop this body awareness, participation in other strenuous activities are less likely to cause injury.  In short, Pilates students will get more benefits out of that activity  of the application of the principals they have learned.

Every Pilates session starts out with breathing and relaxation exercises designed to move the student into a more natural alignment.  You will then be led through several exercises designed to loosen t

New Classes!
Yoga is back! 8-week session starts Oct 13 and 16!
Advanced Mat Sat@ 8am
Open Lev/Adv beginner - Sun @8:15am

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he back, neck, chest, hip joints and other body areas where muscle tension may need release.  Only then do you begin the real exercises!



Additionally, rather than doing many repetitions of one movement (like 50 push-ups), in Pilates the student performs 5-10 reps of many exercises designed to affect the muscles slightly differently.  By emphasizing breathing and control in every exercise, both the concentric (shortening) and eccentric (lengthening) contractions of the muscles are worked, creating the long, lean musculature of a dancer rather than the shorter, bulkier muscles of a weight lifter.


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Next Beginner/Intro Mat Session Starts Wednesday, October 3 5:00 to 15 students, call today to enroll 
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